Need JC H2 Chemistry Tuition? Look no further!

If you are browsing the internet for ‘A’ Level JC H2 Chemistry Tuition, then you have come to the right place. 

Here at Mr Khemistry, we cater to both group and private A level chemistry tuition. If you prefer group tuition, please click here to go to our group tuition page.

For students/parents looking for private JC chemistry tuition,please read on. 

If you are a private candidate taking ‘A’ level H2 Chemistry, these 1-to-1 private lessons will be highly beneficial to you. 

Or if you’re a school candidate looking for guidance to score better in JC H2 chemistry, we are confident you will improve significantly in 3 months under our coaching. 

For parents looking for expert tutors who specialize in teaching H2 Chemistry Tuition, we are confident you will not regret signing up for our H2 Chemistry Tuition lessons.

Who Should Come for Private H2 Chemistry Tuition?

If you…

 …need personalized attention

…want help for the topics your school is currently doing

…cannot seem to improve no matter how much you study

…can come for lessons on weekdays afternoon.

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Who should NOT come for Private H2 Chemistry Tuition?

If you…

…are not committed to weekly lessons

…are not willing to put in consistent work

…want lessons on weekends or weekday evenings

…want to be spoon-fed, not willing to think 

…are Secondary 3 & 4 student (we are not open to sec 3 and 4 students at the moment)

Why Choose Us?

Our specialized private tuition service for H2 Chemistry is not cheap but we are confident that the value we deliver to you will exceed your expectations. Below are some important factors which we believe will actually move the needle.

H2 Chemistry Tuition

We understand that one of the most important quality a tutor must have is his ability to build rapport with his students. This emotional connection is vital for the student to know that someone believes in him/her and is fighting alongside in this battle. That enables the student to keep pressing on in the face of challenges and not give up. In case you are not aware yet, A level Chemistry is a big jump from O level Chemistry in terms of content covered. So students will need to draw upon their reserves and build up resilience in facing challenges.

JC Chemistry Tuition
Customized Revision

We will tailor the study schedule according to your needs. Whether its to revise past chapters or to teach in advance, rest assured we will go the extra mile to let you learn at your own pace. This is one of the unique benefits of having private A level Chemistry Tuition compared to group tuition.

A level Chemistry Tuition
Getting Your Desired Results

We do regular short tests with feedback sessions to assess your progress and to close the gaps in your learning. With emphasis on key phrases and common marking points, we will help you achieve the coveted ‘A’ grade in the GCE ‘A’ Level Examination! Come join our H2 Chemistry Tuition today!

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